About Us

Launching in 2018, and exclusively for the commercial printer, is Think Promo Now Technology Tools.

Think Promo Now will give your business everything it needs right at your fingertips. Including a full order management tool and customer relationship management system that will enable you to place orders, send virtual samples, quotes and presentations to your clients. As well as a complete e-commerce website for your business and instant company stores for your clients.

Have any questions? Interested in a demo? Click here or email us at info@thinkpromonow.com.



Meet Your ThinkPromoNow Team


Nikki Stella  |  CEO, Altitude Group Plc.

Results-driven C-Suite executive with expertise in business and sales management, technology, advertising, digital media, custom media, lead generation, events, information services, print and video production.

Demonstrated success in transforming brands and businesses, developing and launching new online products and services, developing new business, selling complex enterprise level technology and marketing solutions, forging and negotiating strategic partnerships, and recruiting and developing top sales, marketing and creative talent. 

Influential people manager who inspires motivation and garners respect from the executive suite to all other levels in the company. Respected and trusted industry leader, manager and strategic thinker.

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Ryan Beletz  |  Director of Distributor Sales

Ryan’s been in the promo industry for the past six years. His goal has been to implement various marketing and technology solutions that allow his clients to operate more efficiently while increasing revenue. He’s never had a cup of coffee, but you can find him drinking tea at all hours of the day. Ryan enjoys playing soccer, boxing, and hanging with his dog, Luke.

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Megan Beisser  |  Vice President, Marketing

Megan loves shoes. She’s definitely worn out her fair share in the nearly two decades of honing her marketing skill set. From art direction and project management to industry events and creative leadership, she’s tackled it all. With a career concentration on the promo world and cutting-edge digital promotions for business professionals, Meg’s thrilled to help this industry take its next big steps in embracing new technology--as she wears a new pair of pricy heels, of course.

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Seth Barnett  |  Vice President, Operations

Seth’s a five-year veteran of the promo industry where he’s worked in a service capacity to improve business processes and ensure the industry’s able to compete in a changing marketplace. He’s an advocate for Converse Chuck Taylors and sees them as America’s new dress shoe. Fun fact: Seth fibbed about his age when he was 14 to get his first motorcycle license (please, don’t tell anyone).

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Eric started at Altitude Group in August. Before arriving, He worked for one of the largest apparel distributors and suppliers in the Utilities industry. he Has managed custom apparel programs for workers of some of the largest utilities in the Rocky Mountain and Pacific Northwest Regions. He brings experience in the apparel and managed service industry to Altitude to help promo product distributors run their business with ease and efficiency.

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Maddie is excited to join the Customer Success Associate team at Altitude group. She has a background in science from the University of Pittsburgh with experience in customer service. Out of the office, Maddie enjoys exploring the city of Philadelphia with her new dog, Sonoma.