Promo marketing opens the door to new connections with your customers.

Your competition continues to grow as more see the potential for success in printing. So, how can you stand out and build upon your already successful business? The answer is simple: create a unique experience for every client.

If you already do, then you understand the importance of customization—and promo products are all about customization. They’re an ideal complement to your printing products. You can bet your current customers buy items like these to reward and recognize their employees and customers—but they should be buying them from you.



If your customer needs something to increase product or service awareness, show appreciation to employees and clients, and share messages of corporate goodwill, then packaging your exceptional printing products with functional, trendy promo products can only add to your success.

Promo items are anything used to promote a product, service, or company program. They can be premium items, incentives, business gifts, awards, prizes, commemorative gifts, and other imprinted or decorated items.

Promo products do more than motivate, thank, remind, or influence. Much like the high-quality printing products you already provide, they extend the message far beyond its initial creation. Promo items are well received, kept close and even shared. With such a long shelf life, their cost per impression can’t be beat.

By adding promo products to your offerings, you can become a one-stop-shop for expertly customized collateral, gifts, incentives, and recognition items. With your printing expertise as the foundation for growth, promo product sales are sure to boost your bottom line. Enhance your business and become an expert in promotional marketing with Think Promo Now, a top-notch resource for full immersion into promo.



With Think Promo Now, you’ll find a complete promo catalog at your disposal, as well as a full CRM to help you grow and manage your newly augmented business. When you’re ready to publicize your new and improved business model, Think Promo Now gives you custom website creation with no licensing limits, and patented technologies that are exclusively available to you through this platform.

With promo items on your menu for new and repeat clients, you don’t have to worry about the potential disruption that an influx of online printers might bring: you are the disruption. Think Promo Now features job tracking and trend monitoring so that you can easily see how clients are ordering and using the custom items you offer.

The loyal customers you have now are the ideal audience for promo items. Why? Because they value your printing expertise, they will see the value in your promotional marketing offering. With Think Promo Now, you can even help clients create their own custom online stores to house bespoke branded products that will ensure repeat business for them—and for you.

Your goal is to make your customers happy, and promo items make people happy. Studies show people overwhelmingly create a connection with promo products. Nearly everyone responding to a survey said they keep these items for as long as two years. Over half keep their custom gifts for more than four years. That’s 48 months for your name and expertise to stay in full view of your customers.

In highly competitive industries like printing, differentiation is a key to long-term success. And, because promo products are a $23 billion industry, differentiating your business with an array of on-trend, highly desirable promo items is sure to help you stand out among your peers.


With help from Think Promo Now, you can turn your successful printing business into a promotional-marketing powerhouse.


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