How To Import Customers Into You Think Promo Now Portal

This help sheet will walk you. step by step, through uploading your contacts from an existing list.

Step 1: First log into your Think Promo Now Order Management system.

Step 2: Go to the ‘Contacts’ tab and click on 'Import my Customers / Import Leads'

Step 3: You will see the below screen. You can download example import templates using the top three links.

Once you have created your import spreadsheet, click "Select File" to access your computer, then upload it using the 'Upload' button.

Step 4: Once you have your spreadsheet, click the 'Upload' button.

Step 5: Match the correct spreadsheet fields to the corresponding category drop-down, then click ‘continue.

Step 6: Select each customer/vendor you want to upload, then select 'Import Selected'.

Once you import the selected contacts, it will show you how many entries have been successfully imported or updated.

import 3.png