Buying Trends


By Seth Barnett, VP of Operations, Think Promo Now

We are presently in the most significant buying time of the year for promotional products and promotional merchandising. Think about all the uses of promotional material coming up in the next couple of months. Holiday gifts, employee incentives, client appreciation, the list goes on and on. Promotional products are part of this time of year because of cost-effectiveness and product appreciation. These produce a buying trend that is unmatched in the retail marketing world. Odds are, even if you are not in the promo business, your clients may be asking about product as part of their spend with you. Why? Because it is convenient, efficient and to the common consumer, promotional material is all related, print or otherwise.

The next focus of this buying trend is to look at where these products are being purchased. The promotional products industry is, by all accounts, a people industry. Those involved in the marketplace take pride on creating and maintaining relationships with those that they do business with. But, like with many industries today, online and e-commerce has become a significant focus. Consumers are familiar with going online and shopping for product. The promotional products industry is no exception. People want fast, available consumption. So, this trend is moving us all toward the necessity of providing online commerce.

The $23 billion promotional products industry has been relatively slow in meeting the demand of the online trends. However, what the industry has done is developed a balance between the demands of the digital trends and maintained a personal, relationship-centric industry. This means that as you get involved in the market, you can maintain the same inner-personal relationship with clients when they want and give them the freedom to buy online when they don’t.

These positive attributes are what we at Think Promo Now are bringing to you in the most compact, transferable package we can provide. These trends are part of the norm of the promotional products market, so placing your business directly in the path to capture buyers can be a difficult task. We want to help by providing you a system that not only introduces promotional products to your clients but gives you the tools to work with these marketplace trends.

As most of you can attest to, this is a busy time of year. There is a mad rush for businesses to finish their yearly marketing spend strong. Think Promo Now can help by setting you up in this marketplace within less than a day and give you the tools to plug your clients into hundreds of thousands of products immediately. Your success is our goal and we want to see your business adhere to the trend cycles and have a positive outcome we all can be proud of.

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