Don’t let the naysayers fool you: the print industry isn’t going anywhere. In fact, it’s thriving! The industry has been experiencing steady growth this year, showing additional promise for the future. But as encouraging as this sounds, the icing on the cake for successful printers is what they’re offering in addition to printing.

With nearly a third of commercial printers’ revenue coming from ancillary offerings, it makes sense to give your customers more of what they already love—custom solutions. And nothing is more custom than promotional products.


Promo products are a highly desirable marketing and advertising solution for clients seeking powerful results from their investment. Additionally, promo products are highly profitable, with margins of 30% to 40%. 

Today, the promotional products industry is a $23.3 billion juggernaut. It’s driven by suppliers, who bring creative and unique items to market year after year, and by promo consultants, who ensure the right promo gets into the hands of buyers—the end users or the end users’ clients.


Promotional products are functional, memorable, decorative merchandise that raise awareness, reward success, express gratitude for service or incentivize behavior.

If those goals sound familiar, it’s probably because you’re already helping your customers reach them through quality custom print solutions. Adding promo items to your offerings extends the impact of the message you help deliver and brings tangible benefits for your company and your customer.

Give customers a one-two punch by offering promo items alongside your high-quality print products, and experience the ongoing customer loyalty that only this combination can bring.


As it turns out, just about everyone buys promo products.

According to industry trade group Promotional Products Association International (PPAI), business services companies are the No. 1 buyers of promo products, accounting for just under 10% of revenue last year. Education comes in at the No. 2 spot with almost 9.5%, followed by financial, manufacturing and healthcare industries.

These top five buying industries comprised over 40% of promo sales volume in 2017, and sales are only continuing to grow.

The top reason clients buy promo is to recognize and incentivize employees. Items are used for motivation and morale, corporate events, uniforms, training and orientation, and corporate identity. Brand awareness, business gifts, trade shows and service awards round out the top five programs where promo is used.


You might be wondering what happens to all this great custom gear once your client shares it. 

A survey by PPAI found that more than 70% of recipients remember receiving a promo item in the past year, and nearly a third had the product with them when they were asked. What’s more, over half of these same recipients said they’ve kept promo items for more than a year. That’s 365 days of seeing a product and remembering who gave them the promo.

Even more impressive is the discovery that at least half the recipients do business with the advertisers who give them promo items, and nearly 75% use the items at least once a day. 


You might be asking, why don’t customers just order promo on their own? Because printers like you are the expert. Your experience, skills and knowledge are what give you the edge.

Adding promo products to your commercial print business may feel daunting, but we’re here to help you give your print customers the ultimate promo experience with Think Promo Now. This revolutionary order management and e-commerce platform makes selling promo products easier for you, and online ordering easier for your customers. 

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Give your print customers the ultimate promotional experience with Think Promo Now.

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